Social Media Can Ruin Your Business!


Did I just say that?  Yes I did!    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+  etc. collectively  referred to as “Social Media”  is now the must do way to promote your business.  However, spending time on updating and keeping up to date with all the various Social Media streams can also become a time consuming drain for the small business owner.

Saving time on Social Media is an important skill to acquire for both business owners and entrepreneurs alike. It is far too easy to start looking at your Facebook newsfeed,   get so absorbed in what’s going on and lose  an hour’s worth of time without achieving anything.  Staying abreast of the Twitter feed can swallow up literally hours if you have a healthy band of followers.  And that’s before you’ve got round to your Pinterest or Google+ account.

Here are three time saving tips to take control of your Social Media:

  1.  Manage Your Social  Media Time

Set aside a certain block of time – say an hour a day – for your business’s social media engagement, and stick to that time.  If you like browsing the newsfeeds save it for when you are at home.  Business time is for growing your business and providing your customers with a service.

  1. Manage Your  Online Presence

When you sit down to do your social media, know where your customers are, know what they want, and engage them accordingly. This means ignoring the newsfeed and heading straight to the groups and forums where your customers are.  Manage your business presence rather than checking out what’s going on.

Give your customers what they want through social media.  Are you a candle maker?  Show your clients pictures of your fabulous candles.  Are you a farmer doing farm tours? Show your happy customers with cute lambs.  Learn what your customers want, ignore the distractions, and concentrate on providing them with reasons to engage with your business.

  1. Check Your Social Media Stats

Also important is to check your social stats regularly to know what worked and what didn’t, and update your LinkedIn profile or Facebook business page accordingly.

Be wise with your time, wise with your engagement, and watch your business grow.  Social Media is a powerful tool to grow your business but fritter away your time, and social media can actually harm your business.


(c) Desiree Stewart Virtual PA



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